CHANGING LIVES: Christine Gee wants to see Dalby turn yellow on August 23 for Daffodil Day.
CHANGING LIVES: Christine Gee wants to see Dalby turn yellow on August 23 for Daffodil Day. Meg Gannon

How this mum knew she was going to beat cancer

SIX years ago Christine Gee experienced one of the hardest years of her life - but there was one way she knew everything would be okay.

Ms Gee was given a daffodil bush by her sister five years before her diagnosis.   

Every year, the bush would grow but no flowers would bloom.   

That was until 2013, when Ms Gee was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer.  

Just days after the diagnosis, the first daffodil bloomed on the "dud" bush.  

"I sort of thought 'if that's not a sign nothing is'," Ms Gee said.   

Despite suffering through her own challenges, Ms Gee's concerns lay with her family, especially her daughter who was in primary school at the time of her diagnosis.   

"For her to see her mother go through that, that was the worst part," she said.   

"I started chemo on July 16, and on July 19 I had a little grandson born.  

"He was taken through to Brisbane on the Sunday after he was born, and he had a fight on his life too.   

"I thought 'if this little boy can do it, so can I'."  

As the Daffodil Day ambassador and coordinator for Dalby, Ms Gee devotes her time to making sure cancer sufferers know they are not alone. 

Ms Gee is living proof that the disease does not discriminate.

Her husband, brother, grandmother and mother-in-law all battled cancer.   

"Daffodil Day is just so important," she said.   

"It's like a healing process on Daffodil Day.   

"You buy the daffodils and they're not only for people who have died from cancer, but they're also for people who have fought cancer. My daffodil bush means the world to me."  

Ms Gee will be setting up shop at Dalby Shoppingworld on August 23, selling daffodil-themed merchandise as well. 

She urges the town to dress in their best yellow attire for those who have beat cancer, lost to cancer, or are facing the battle ahead.