How to invest in property and survive the dolepocalypse

Dear How Do I: Business?

In September my wife and I signed off on our second investment property and have decided not to negatively gear on either of them.

Combined, we earn about $230,000 a year and both properties are in the black for the moment and we're looking to increase our property portfolio again this year as the bank says we're in a good position to borrow again.

We're looking for advice on where we should be looking at property. The data we've seen says metro, but we wanted your take on it.


Morsus Mihi


Dear Morsus

It's great to see a young couple with such a strong financial position, good for you.

That being said, I think you might be asking yourself the wrong question. Instead of 'where should I buy?' ask 'should I buy?'.

The answer to that right now is no. Consolidate your position and pay down your debt.

You're going to need cash.

Whatever you do, make sure you're minimising your taxes so that, you know, 'they' don't get access to your funds.

Welfare is all well and good, but not only does it stop people wanting to better themselves, it also gives them time to prepare.

Oh and they're preparing. Whole suburbs of Winnie-smoking Holden-driving welfare wraiths are stockpiling ammunition.

They're coming for your wealth, Morsus. They're coming for your wealth and your wife and they don't care about your tax-deductable donations to the Salvos.

Don't buy property, my friend. Buy protection.