How this grandma trumped Ipswich Cup fashions on the field

GRANDMOTHER Sandra Robson has set a new standard for her racing fashion enthusiast granddaughters - her own.

Mrs Robson won first place in the Riverlink Fashions on the Field competition at the Ipswich Cup on the weekend, setting the pace for her four granddaughters who also regular compete in similar completions around the country.

Mrs Robson usually designs and sews outfits for her granddaughter to wear in competitions, including a past national winner, but this time she was centre stage.

"My love for fashion has gone back about 15 years. What I do normally is I sew and make outfits for my granddaughters. My granddaughters have won quite a lot of prizes but they had to work so couldn't come to Ipswich," she said.

"I just love fashion so much I thought I'd come along and just observe and be part of it all which I have over many years.

"I have five sons and all I hear about it football and soccer and all of that. I think my creative outlet is to make fashion for my granddaughters. I have 11 grandchildren and four of them are girls.

"One of my granddaughters, Amy Robson, won a major fashion prize in Melbourne in one of my designs a few years ago. She won a Lexus car. I have big shoes to fill. I think they won't believe I have won.

"It's good to see a mature woman being involved and part of it. I just got on the train in the morning with the intention of going to look at some lovely fashion which I enjoy."

Mrs Robson made her outfit herself, a structural deep green and purple ensemble offset with a dramatic collar and pleated sleeves.

She finished it off with a self-designed and made purple felt beret style hat.

"I bought this fabric at Caloundra, a green silk and I just love the shine and the colour," Mrs Robson said.

"I had a skirt that had the pleats so I cut the skirt up and made the in-fashion sleeves.

"I made my hat from felt, I really like the beret look at the moment, a little bit more understated and simple."

She said the key to winter racing fashion was timeless elegance and strict following of classic racing fashion criteria.

"I like to see a little bit of tradition, the length appropriate to the fashion of the year, felt hats and it's all about the combination," Mrs Robson said.

"I think we need to keep to those standards."

Jacqui Dolan was awarded second place in the womens racewear category and Alla Dimech third.

In the mens category, Aiden Matthews came first, Brendan Zahnow second and Tyler Zielke third.

Alyse and Matt Jenner were award first place in the couples category, Natalie and Tyler Zielke second and Amanda Clarke and Jay Bellamy third place.