Gladstone's mature age residents will be encouraged to work longer under a new self-employment scheme.
Gladstone's mature age residents will be encouraged to work longer under a new self-employment scheme. Supplied

How Gladstone's seniors will be made to work longer

OLDER residents in Gladstone will be encouraged to become entrepreneurs so they can stay in the workforce longer.

The Federal Government will provide funding for new entrepreneurship facilitators across 20 regions in NSW, QLD, WA, SA, Tasmania, Victoria and the NT.

Gladstone has been earmarked to receive the service.

The small business experts will teach mature age people how to start and maintain sustainable businesses.

The Federal Government has set aside $2.7 million in the 2018-19 financial year for the project.

A further $15 million will fund the program until June 2022.

The government has also committed to continuing the Job Change project that helps mature-age workers to remain in the workforce as retirement and pension ages creep upwards.

The Great Barrier Reef water quality and restoration continues with the budget providing $535.8 million for a program to improve the health of the world's largest living structure.

Through the Reef Trust partnership, $443.8 million will be allocated with the Great Barrier Reef Foundation.

It will improve water quality, control crown-of-thorn starfish and boost science for reef restoration.

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority will receive a $22.3 million boost to expand its compliance and management operations across the World Heritage Area.

It was also announced on Tuesday that body scanners and advanced x-ray equipment will be installed at 64 airports across Australia to increase traveller security.

The Federal Government will spend $50.1 million installing screening facilities at 13 airports without existing infrastructure and upgrade facilities at larger existing airports like Rockhampton, Townsville and Sunshine Coast.

The $535 million initiative will be delivered over five years and contributes to the joint Australian and Queensland Government Reef 2050 plan.

Our region's frail aged will gain better facilities and support services with the Federal Government allocating $144.9 million over four years to improve the viability of care providers operating outside of capital cities.

There will also be a $5 million increase in capital grants programs aimed at improving life in the bush for the frail elderly locals.

The funding will also help aging Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people stay in their communities where they can be supported by their family and friends and receive culturally appropriate services.

The government will also roll out a $1.3 million national Epilepsy Action Response Service to provide specialised health information and support for people with the disease who live in rural and remote areas. - NewsRegional