Joe Biden has promised an action-packed first day in the White House, with the traditional calls to foreign leaders interspersed with a dizzying agenda that seeks to restore "normal" in America.

On his first day in office, Mr Biden has said he would roll back Donald Trump's tax cuts and raise the corporate tax rate, rejoin the Paris Climate Accord and sign "a series of executive orders".

But he said his first priority will be confronting the dual crises stalking America - the coronavirus and its associated fallout.


Mr Biden pledged during his campaign to reach out ahead of his inauguration to infectious diseases chief Anthony Fauci and ask his advice for the best path forward.

He also plans to establish a "pandemic board" which would steer resources to fight COVID-19 and improve testing.

Mr Biden would also rejoin the World Health Organisation and begin reaching out to the peeved traditional US allies whom Mr Trump alienated.

"Day 1, if I win, I'm going to be on the phone with our NATO allies saying 'we're back'," Mr Biden said in July.

"We're back and you can count on us again."



He has also pledged to address racism on his first day and establish a task force that within 100 days would be asked to provide a plan to end homelessness.

And he plans to send to Congress a bill that would repeal protections for gun manufacturers that prevent them from being liable for deaths caused by their weapons.

Also within his first 100 days, Mr Biden has promised to unroll a raft of immigration policies introduced by Mr Trump, who imposed new restrictions in his first days in the White House.

The controversial "Muslim ban" which Mr Trump introduced days after being sworn in and prevented travel from several Muslim-majority countries, would also be rescinded.


A Biden administration would immediately stop the family separation policy for illegal immigrants on the border with Mexico, roll back Trump's restrictions on immigration, increase the number of applications processed each day and "surge humanitarian resources" to the border.

The rights of the 11 million "dreamers", who were brought to America as children by their undocumented migrant parents, would also face a clearer path to citizenship and be protected from deportation.

Undocumented migrants who serve in the military would also be protected from deportation and families who have been separated under Trump would be reunited.



Originally published as How Biden will reshape US in 100 days