How about giving a bit of funding back to Gladstone

IS GLADSTONE receiving what it should when it comes to funding?

According to Gladstone Regional Council CEO Stuart Randle, no way.

But does your typical Gladstonite know, or in fact, does he/she even care?

It's become something of a normal position for Gladstone: we see funds for various projects being awarded to cities north and south of us, but seldom do we see it arrive here.

And, with Gladstone's industrial activities providing a massive amount of government taxation, surely a great deal more should be funnelled back our way.

It's almost as though someone down in Brisbane is saying "they've got a solid economy up there in Gladstone - they don't need any help from us".

We complain bitterly about the services we believe aren't being provided here, but it's really hard for us to understand it all.

Gladstone deserves more than it's receiving in funding - from the state and federal governments.

We need someone to go to Brisbane and Canberra and thump a desk or two. Hard.