FEAST YOUR EYES: Lachlan ’Barra Master’ Joynson with another barra.
FEAST YOUR EYES: Lachlan ’Barra Master’ Joynson with another barra. Contributed

How about a barra banquet? Time to sign up for HookUp

IT'S HOOKUP time with the official launch of the 2013 Boyne Tannum HookUp commencing tomorrow at Bray Park Boyne Island.

For those who enter this awesome event tomorrow the committee and their sponsors have a vast array of prizes up for grabs and all you have to do is sign up at Bray Park.

Harvey Norman Gladstone has put up a couple of 32" LED TVs to be drawn out on Monday morning on the Sea FM Breakfast show.

The online entries commence Sunday morning, and if you can't make it to the park C & J Video at Tannum, plus Pats Tackle World will also start accepting entries.

This time of the year is probably some of the best fishing in the calendar year with massive numbers of Barra, Jack, Grunter, Flathead, and salmon (both king and blue) in the system.

As you can see the little fella we featured last week has done it again and his Mum Lisa sent me this photo saying that he's being referred to as the "Barra master" now!

As you can see behind 13-year-old Lachlan 'Barra Master' Joynson this one was caught between the mouth of the Boyne River and the Bridge. There are plenty around and this one is a cracker fish, well done Lachlan!

There are plenty of muddies about at the moment too and with the full moon this week, the tides are good for getting those pots right up the tops of creeks and right in among the mangroves.

This weekend, even though the forecast is for 15-20 at the time of writing, should be pretty good for finding out where some of the fish are hiding in readiness for the HookUp.

Being four weeks earlier than the past 17 or so years, the water should be slightly warmer and hopefully the sky might be bluer with warmer day time temps resulting in the barra being more active, the Jew run commencing, and if it doesn't clear up between now and then the fish would've forgotten what a bait even looks like!

Last weekend I had the privilege of helping out with the Gladstone Region stand, at the Brisbane Tinny and Tackle, and 4X4 Expo, with GAPDL's Greg Realf.

There was so much interest in our region as more and more people become envious of what we have here, from the fishery to the secluded beaches, national parks, and 4WD tracks we can access.

It is so important for this region to support the local boating and tackle industry, as they have taken a major hit with the downturn in the economy, over the last year or two.

This weekend we are off to Heron Island to a 50th birthday party for the night, and for my sake I do hope the sea settles a little, so that the bride doesn't get too crook.

Remember tomorrow morning 7am til midday HookUp entries at Bray Park Boyne Island.