National Shelter chairperson Adrian Pisarski.
National Shelter chairperson Adrian Pisarski. Contributed

Investment into affordable housing provides reprieve

GOVERNMENT investment into affordable housing has impacted the Gladstone region, but according to National Shelter, more is needed.

A KPMG report declared many benefits from the Federal Government's 2009 $5.6 billion Social Housing Initiative.

Housing advocacy group National Shelter stated it was the single largest housing funding commitment in Australian history.

Chairperson Adrian Pisarski said they hope the successful evidence helps continue financial support.

"You would really be noticing (shortages) in a place like Gladstone, where the resources boom has doubled up all the affordable housing and rents are dramatically rising," he said.

"The National Housing Supply Council estimates that shortfall of affordable and available housing, is as high as 800,000 properties, and in Queensland, we would have at least 83,000 properties short."

The initiative also had effects economically, boosting the local building industry.

"Also the requirements outlined by the coordinator general for resource companies to meet a share of their affordable housing need," Mr Pisarski said.

He said when people were priced out the market, we lose valuable community participants.

"We hear a number of stories about people unable to find anything in Gladstone that is affordable to rent.

"If you can't have affordable accommodation in a place like Gladstone for librarians and child care and aged-care workers… then it really affects the whole fabric of the community."

It's unclear at this stage what money the federal government will allocate to social housing in the future.