Fire burning along Glenlyon Rd

Fire crews expecting respite after busy 10 days

FIRE and Emergency Rescue crews expected a cool and quiet night on Monday following a busy 10 days of grassfires.

A grassfire in O'Connell was left to be monitored by property owners late Monday afternoon.

The fire was still burning in the blackened contained area when the rural crews left, but they were confident it wouldn't cross the fire breaks.


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The crew left after inspecting the perimeter.

The change in wind conditions from 20 knots to less than 15 let crews get on top of fires that burned over the weekend.

A blaze in Deep Creek, Wooderson, burning for two days, was also still going in the containment area.

Crews went to the fire yesterday, but weren't required to fight it.

They will inspect the Deep Creek fire again today and make sure it hasn't escaped.

They were also called to another fire on the Dawson Hwy in Wooderson just after noon.

An urban crew from Calliope was called because the blaze was intense initially, but it had burnt out quickly.

The crews were satisfied with the outcome, and contained the fire before mid-afternoon.