Fishing with... Hot water outlet the place to be

Des Woodroff with his catch, a queen fish caught at the hot water outlet.
Des Woodroff with his catch, a queen fish caught at the hot water outlet. Contributed

THIS week we talk about fishing with Des Woodroff.

Name: Des Woodroff.

What have you got there? A queen fish. It was at least 150cm. That's the first queen fish I've caught. It took about 15-20 minutes to reel it in.

Did you take it home? I was there on my push bike so I gave it to someone else who was fishing there.

He was pretty excited to take it home.

What's the best fish you have ever caught? Mulloway, they're always so elusive.

I caught it at Cann River at the bottom of New South Wales, near the New South Wales and Victorian border.

I caught that on a small carbon fibre extendable rod that I'd had for 30 years.

Where do you usually go fishing? I'm from Perth so I usually go fishing around the Perth waters.

I'll definitely go back to the hot water outlet. I used to go to fishing at local beaches and you'd never catch a fish like this.

Who taught you how to fish? An old Italian man taught me how to lure fish out of Mandurah Western Australia.

He owned where most of the canals were back in the '80s.

I just bumped into him one day and we were down there every afternoon fishing.

Bait or lures? I prefer lures but if I've got the kids with me I'll use bait. I don't like sitting there and waiting, you've got to work for it.

Any fishing tips? Watch the water and listen to the locals. I was watching the water and I could see a couple of dorsal fins so I cast towards them.

Change your approach too. I changed my lures from one to the other and how I was retrieving it, because it wasn't working.

I was watching Ifish before I left, I was fishing for barramundi but I didn't have much luck on that.

How long have you been in Gladstone? A week, I moved here for work from Perth.