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Hot Heidi Klum always body confident

HEIDI Klum has always been very confident about her body, but also modest in the way she dresses.

The supermodel has always been modest with her enviable physique, but also never worried too much, as she has always been committed to staying in shape.

She told Women's Health magazine: "I've always felt great about my body. I've always been very confident, and I still am. I wouldn't go to the gym in a sports bra and little shorts - I feel like everything's jiggling around. But I didn't do that before, either."

However, now she has reached 40, the mother to Leni, nine, Henry, eight, Johan, seven, and Lou, four, has noticed she has to work harder to retain her figure.

She added: "The metabolism definitely changes when you turn 40. I always thought, That's not going to happen to me, but it is happening to me. If I indulge more, I have to exercise more. I figured out what works for me."

This week it was revealed Heidi recently split from bodyguard Martin Kirsten after a year and a half together and friends say she found it hard to leave him because he was so close to her children.

A source said: "Heidi has been very unhappy for some time now. He was so entrenched in Heidi's life, her kids absolutely adore him, it was just impossible for her to make a clean break."