Hospitality’s the burning topic as GECC is without caterer

OF ALL Gladstone's many and varied controversies, could any get more tongues wagging than hospitality?

The pursuit of good service in Gladdy may not have made national headlines, but I'd bet it's filled more Facebook column centimetres than any other issue.

And fair enough - the spiralling cost of living sees us hand over a pretty penny to eat out, so why shouldn't we expect quality fare?

The folks at the Gladstone Entertainment and Convention Centre, and at the council, know our region is fuller than a goog with hospitality critics.

No doubt that knowledge has driven the long and closed-door contract negotiations to fit a catering company in the new $23 million venue.

And fair enough - they needed to get it right.

But when the company that won the contract pulled out, they can't complain that public interest spiked.

With less than a week until doors open for big - and pricey - events, ratepayers have a right to know what's going on in the publicly-funded kitchen.