Chinese swimmer Sun Yang continues to draw attention.
Chinese swimmer Sun Yang continues to draw attention.

Horton and drug cheat rival separated in Korea

THE ongoing feud between swimmers Sun Yang and Mack Horton is showing no signs of dying down with the Chinese Olympian going out of his way to be moved away from the Australian as they prepare for the FINA World Championships in Korea.

The duo had been lined up to train side-by-side in lanes three and four before Sun's coach insisted he be moved.

According to local media, there were fears of a potential flashpoint between the two - who have been involved in multiple wars of words in the past.

Horton has previously slammed his rival, most memorably calling him out as a drug cheat at the Rio Olympics in 2016.

"I don't have time or respect for drug cheats," said Horton about Sun at the time. The Chinese swimmer had previously tested positive for banned substances.

Horton remains the only man to have beaten Sun in his trademark 400m freestyle in any major meeting since 2011.

Victory came at the sweetest of moments for Horton who claimed gold in Rio and amid ongoing investigations into his Chinese nemesis and accusations of doping, Sun may not get a chance to avenge his Olympic defeat.

If found guilty by the Court of Arbitration for Sport that he and his team smashed vials of his own blood during an out of competition drugs test, Sun faces a lifetime ban from the pool.

China's Sun Yang, bottom left, listens to his coach Dennis Cottrell
China's Sun Yang, bottom left, listens to his coach Dennis Cottrell

WADA has appealed a FINA investigation which will be heard in September.

An explosive 59-page report was last week published revealing how Sun prevented his sample from being tested.

Egged on by his mother, Sun and a security guard used a hammer to smash vials of blood.

The confidential report for the first time reveals full details of findings made by international governing body FINA about the extraordinary actions of the triple Olympic gold medallist and his entourage's in China and raises serious questions as to why Sun was let off on a minor technicality.

The FINA Doping Report, dated January 3, 2019 was anonymously leaked after the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) challenged the FINA Doping Panel's ruling that cleared Sun of any drug testing violations.

Australian swimmer Mack Horton has a fiery past with Sun Yang
Australian swimmer Mack Horton has a fiery past with Sun Yang

More than four months after WADA's appeal was lodged, the Court of Arbitration For Sport (CAS) has still not released a date for the hearing.

That means the controversial 27-year-old, the first Chinese man to win an Olympic swimming gold medal and a former convicted doper, is clear to race at next week's FINA world titles in Gwangju, South Korea, and pocket $28,500 in prizemoney for any race he wins.

Sun had agreed to a window of between 10pm and 11pm on September 4 last year at his athlete's villa in Zhejiang Province for independent drug testers from International Doping Tests and Management, contracted by FINA, to collect out-of-competition blood and urine samples to test for performance enhancing substances.

But was he not there when the female Doping Control Officer (DCO), who asked for her identity to remain anonymous in the report, and the male Doping Control Assistant (DCA) arrived at the agreed time.