Horse trainers injured after horses spooked

TWO freak accidents occurred at Callaghan Park yesterday, with separate trainers taken to hospital suffering broken bones after their horses became spooked.

Trainer Bill Kenning was trotting on his horse around the outside fence of the track around 5.20am on Tuesday when the horse bucked him off.

Track supervisor Gary Fisher said the horse was frightened by two other horses which were being worked in the middle of the track.

Mr Kenning was let out of hospital yesterday with four small broken bones in his back.

The second accident happened around 6.40am yesterday as trainer Julianne Lancaster was riding back to the stalls after a training session.

As she took her horse down the walkway leading away from the track the horse bucked and threw her off, leaving her with a broken heel.

Mr Fisher said while the accidents were unfortunate, the risk of such incidents were a fact of life when working in the industry.

"It's more or less a freak accident, there's nobody to blame," Mr Fisher said.

"We run hundreds of horses through here every year and we might get one incident happen a year … or every two years."

Both trainers are expected to be back riding in about eight weeks.