ACTIVE RIDERS: Donna McLoughlin, judge Magen Warlick and Bronwyn Lynch.
ACTIVE RIDERS: Donna McLoughlin, judge Magen Warlick and Bronwyn Lynch.

Horse rider scores a win in first competition after 27 years

AN AGNES Water horse rider has taken out first place in a competition after not competing for nearly three decades.

Agnes Water Active Riders president Bronwyn Lynch and secretary Donna McLoughlin travelled to Hervey Bay to compete in BDAR Xtreme Cowboy Racing's Gympie Saddleworld Spectacular.

Despite not competing for 27 years Ms Lynch came first in the novice division out of 15 competitors and third in intermediate out of 11 competitors.

"As a teenager I did a little bit of what they call horse sports, which is a bit of novelty events on horseback, but I haven't competed since I left school,” Ms Lynch said.

"If I could get into the top 10 I was coming home very happy and when they got to third place and I knew it was between me and another lady I just though 'wow' - I'd never dreamt it was possible.

"We had exactly the same point score for obstacles and sportsmanship ... but I was one second faster so it was very, very close - pretty exciting.”

Ms Lynch said her "fiery” arab mare Diva performed exceptionally on the day.

She said contestants were assessed on a number of skills including speed, horsemanship and their horse's ability to traverse various obstacles.

"So being able to go through an obstacle smoothly without pulling on the horse's mouth and having it all under control,” she said.

"We had a bridge to cross over, a turnstile we had to turn around using the chest only.”

Ms Lynch said her competition success encouraged others in Agnes Water Active Riders to consider competing.

She said she wished to initiate more competitive horse sport in Agnes Water but this would require trained judges, something which was "on the cards” for the club.

"Everyone wants to get out and give it a go and have some fun,” Ms Lynch said.

"We are hoping to have ... barrel racing and that kind of stuff but we're not set up for it at the moment.”

Ms Lynch and Ms McLoughlin were joined in Hervey Bay by American trainer Magen Warlick who judged the contest and ran a clinic for the group last month.

Among other achievements Ms Warlick was the 2017 Overall EXCA World Champion.