Congress Holds Joint Session To Ratify 2020 Presidential Election
Congress Holds Joint Session To Ratify 2020 Presidential Election

Horned, shirtless US Capitol protester identified

The most striking figure in the siege of the US Capitol Building has been identified as a 32 year old sometime actor and voiceover artist who refers to himself as the "QAnon Shaman".

Jake Angeli was quickly dubbed "Jamiroquai" by social media users after images of him in the Capitol Building and Senate chamber were shared across the world, his horned Davy Crockett headgear reminiscent of the outlandish hats favoured by the British singer.

Bare-chested and heavily tattooed, Angeli has been spotted at numerous rallies in support of Donald Trump over the past year, and has emerged as one of the most identifiable figures in QAnon, the conspiracy movement which claims secret Satan-worshipping paedophiles are embedded in government, the media and Hollywood.

In an interview with news site Arizona Central in May, Angeli said President Trump enjoyed more support than "some lamestream media networks would like to show, because that would end up going against their narrative".


Images of Angeli at a Black Lives Matter rally in Arizona in June helped fuel false rumours that the Capitol Building insurgents were in fact supporters of Antifa, the left-wing anti-fascism and anti-racism group, but it was later revealed Agneli was at the BLM rally as a counter-protester, and was carrying a QAnon sign.

Adrian Morrow, US Correspondent with the Canadian Globe and Mail newspaper, stated on Twitter that he had spoken with Angeli.

"He said police eventually gave up trying to stop him and other Trump supporters, and let them in. After a while, he said police politely asked him to leave and let him go without arrest," Morrow tweeted.



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