FORMER rugby league badboy John Hopoate has this week released a bizarre YouTube video blasting NRL boss Dave Smith for turning the game soft.

The 39-year old ex Manly star - who is the most suspended player of the modern era - is concerned for the future of rugby league and has taken exception to the recent crackdown of flying fists and the shoulder charge in rugby league.

So what's so bad about the modern game?

"Fighting. How can we take fighting out of rugby league? It's a man's sport. You should be getting charged for not throwing a punch," Said Hopoate.

"And yet we give players two weeks for throwing a little jab. How embarrassing. Bring it back!"

The video series is titled - John Hopoate: Finger on the Pulse - Episode 1, so it looks like this won't be the last we hear from the 'wedgie king'.