The Seajay 550 Trojan boat waiting to be given away at the 2019 Boyne Tannum HookUp.
The Seajay 550 Trojan boat waiting to be given away at the 2019 Boyne Tannum HookUp.

HookUp streamlines approach for boat package procurement

The Boyne Tannum HookUp committee is continuing to develop fishing tourism in the Gladstone region.

A part of this ongoing strategy has seen a change in how boat packages are procured for the event.

For 2020, the HookUp has made the strategic decision to work directly with manufacturers to leverage their extensive network and marketing reach in order to grow the HookUp as a major tourism event.

This model also continues to provide local dealer benefits that come from ancillary sales, parts and servicing opportunities.

“We want to spread the economic benefit across the entire regions’ business and community groups,” BTHU vice president Andrew Davis said.

“This year, when we went out to the market to bid for the prize boat purchases, we sought proposals directly from manufacturers and their local dealerships.

“After much deliberation the decision has been made to source directly from the manufacturer in order to streamline communication and deliver a clear brand message throughout the event.

“Local businesses still play a vital role in supporting the event and are invited to attend and display under the umbrella of the major marine brands they sell and represent.”

Local dealerships throughout the region will still benefit financially by having the ongoing boat package servicing, repair, accessory and parts sales.

This is the current sponsorship model the HookUp applies to the fishing rod, tackle and accessory sponsorship categories, whereby the sponsorship arrangements are directly with the manufacturers that interact and display at the event.

When HookUp attendees wish to purchase their products, they do so through their locally owned tackle shop.

“HookUp is aiming to be nationally known and internationally recognised,” Mr Davis said.

“To achieve this strategic objective, we need to partner with global manufacturers, while still ensuring that the economic benefits are realised by as many local businesses as possible.”

Mr Davis said as the region focuses on developing its fishing tourism sector, the boat chandlery and sales businesses will benefit.

According to the Recreational Ship Census 2016 (Department of Transport and Main Roads) the percentage of recreational boat ownership is a staggering 19 per cent in Gladstone, while the next closest regions were Townsville at 9 per cent and Mackay at 8 per cent.