Australia's Biggest Family Fishing Competition - 2018 Boyne Tannum Hookup
Australia's Biggest Family Fishing Competition - 2018 Boyne Tannum Hookup Mike Richards GLA050618HOOK

HookUp committee targeting state funds

HOOKUP president Jennifer McGuire wants to raise the eyebrows of Tourism and Events Queensland in order to secure major event status for the fishing competition.

"The first thing we want to achieve is to attract TEQ's attention and then also support and funding for us to become a major event," she said.

"I don't think anyone understands the tourism attraction potential of the Boyne Tannum HookUp fishing competition for families' tourism experience.

"It's about building that knowledge of a tourism experience in order to promote it as that, for people to come to our region and fish.

"The Infofish data certainly tells us that we're the best place to fish in Australia; with the greatest variety of onshore and offshore fish to catch and the best effort-to-yield ratio.

"If you want to fish as a family and have a holiday destination then you've got the Gladstone region as a place to visit."

Ms McGuire said HookUp would also work with Gladstone Regional Council to become a signature event.

"Any kind of funding we ask for is about development - it's not about hosting the event, we can financially sustain hosting it - what we've been asking for is funding to help develop the economy and tourism sector."