Insufficient volunteer numbers put Hook Up at risk

THREE people have stepped forward to save the Boyne Tannum Hook Up, but it's not enough.

The future of the fishing competition still looks grim following the committee's annual general meeting where too few volunteers turned up to fill vacant positions.

On Saturday, The Observer printed a desperate plea from the remaining committee members asking the next generation of volunteers to step forward.

Without a competent committee there won't be a Hook Up next year.

Long-term committee member Pat Laws said three people had responded to the article, nominating for the three vacant positions of president, treasurer and secretary.

"Those people are good candidates," Mr Laws said.

"But it would be good to have more choices, and there are still more positions to fill."

Six people left the committee after the 20th year in June including long-standing president Jeff Amos.

If all positions on the committee aren't filled by the end of next week, there is a question mark over whether the remaining committee can co-ordinate such a huge event.

"We need to get things rolling for next year," Mr Laws said.

"Most importantly, we need to set down a date."

Acting president Ned Beaumont said the Hook Up committee was no different to other not-for-profit organisations that relied on people who were prepared to stand up and offer something back to their community.

If you are interested in being part of the event in any way, email