Cheryl Watson at the Auckland Point lookout, Gladstone.
Cheryl Watson at the Auckland Point lookout, Gladstone. Brenda Strong

Honesty pays for green group as focus turns to Gladstone

THE reach of Gladstone Conservation Council is growing as the nation focuses on Gladstone's environment.

From fish kills to turtle deaths and unhealthy harbour claims making national news, the GCC says people's trust in the group is based on its non-sensationalist attitude to be honest and present the facts as they are.

Although membership is at a healthy level for the group, the willingness of volunteers to have a physical presence is another story.

The GCC says its website and Facebook page had made great progress, with more than 300 people keeping tabs on the page and up to 5000 people talking about various topics in one week.

GCC treasurer Cheryl Watson said people were still constantly joining the group, with the previous year's financial records indicating 53 paid-for members.

"The Facebook page is going great guns but as far as people coming in and putting their hand up to do things, no," she said.

"There are so many groups and organisations struggling because they can't get volunteers - people are working all the time these days."

But she and a core group of volunteers keep up their work for the environment out of genuine concern for its future.

"While we may be small I do think people are starting to listen a bit to what we say," she said.

"We try very hard not to sensationalise things, and to be honest with what we're saying and to get our facts right."