The great homework debate: What you think

HOMEWORK is something most students think they could do without.

No surprises there, but what is surprising is that some parents agree.

Learning has evolved past simply solving algebraic equations or practising spelling.


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Gladstone mother of four Racheal Jarrow said these days homework could be more stressful for parents than the kids.

"You want to sit down with them but it gets frustrating because it can be hard to follow," she said.

So if we need to send parents back to school to help with homework, are our children learning enough during the day?

We took to the streets to ask people if they thought children should have homework. Here are some of their responses:

Karl Fodriga: No, none of the kids do it anyway.

Ainslie Humble: Homework helps me. I am dyslexic and a hands-on person.

Rebecca Smith: I like homework because it's the bridge between home and school. It's good to see what's happening at school.

Ken Pengelly: Only if it's something different to what they have been doing at school all day.

Steve Turnbull: Only a small amount because they're kids and they have other things to do like play.

Taliassa Kelly: Definitely. It teaches them all the basic skills they need for life.

Andrew Frost: Yeah, just for an hour or so.

Skye Dennis: I don't think they should be given homework because they do enough work at school.

Roslyn Frost: Not so much. Kids need to be able to play.

Daniel Forrest: I certainly do. It gives them a goal to work towards. Repeat that night and nail it in the next day at school.

Natasha Dimkovska: No, because they do enough at school. It creates stress at home, and home should be family time.

Jason Chandler: I believe they should, but not nearly as much as they do.

Should students have to do homework?

This poll ended on 01 May 2015.

Current Results

Yes, but only in high school


Yes, it reinforces what they learn at school


Yes, but not too much


No, they need time to be kids


No, it's too much pressure for parents


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.