To all the Gladdy haters, the town is what you make of it

A POST on Facebook caught my attention last week.

It was a meme with a photo of the humorous Allen from the Hangover and the text read, "I live in a town everyone claims to hate, yet they never leave".

I moved to Tannum Sands from Kalgoorlie in Western Australia in 2005.

So it's safe to say I thought this place was like a seaside paradise compared to the desert town I had called home from the age of 2.

But eight years on, I'm still yet to catch the "I hate Gladdy" bug.

Just last weekend a few friends and I went to Blackmans Gap, and it was a beautiful spot.

This weekend, we're heading to Gecko Valley Winery, which I'm sure will be just as lovely.

A few friends of mine moved to Brisbane to study university courses, and they love coming back here.

I told a now-Brisbane resident, Rhiannon, about what I was planning on writing my editorial on and she replied, "Say something like, 'This place is what you make of it'."

Which I thought was absolutely spot on.