Matthew Coe and Beth Houweling are running their new small business Beth's Bath and Beauty from home.
Matthew Coe and Beth Houweling are running their new small business Beth's Bath and Beauty from home. Matt Taylor GLA231118BATH

Home grown business has the sweet smell of success

HOME grown businesses are popping up around Gladstone and Beth's Bath and Beauty want to clean up a part of the soap and candle market.

What started as a financial venture of necessity has turned into an almost full-time job itself for couple Matt Coe and Bethany Houweling.

Matt had been in and out of work for 12 months and came across the opportunity to work from home.

"We (Beth) started up about a month ago to look for an alternative source of income,” Matt said.

"This business has given us control over our income coming in now and how to plan for our future.

"The idea came about because we thought what is something people need for presents and gifts.”

Wanting to explore improvement in the soap and candle business has given the enterprising couple encouragement to further their education.

They are currently going through Skills for Tertiary Education Preparatory Studies at Central Queensland University.

"When I finish in 2019 I'm going to look at a Bachelor of Business to try and enhance the business ,” Matt said.

Beth is giving serious consideration to either teaching or business focussed courses.

There process to put together the candles and soap for the finished product.

The maker buys' the soap mix and wax flake, melt the material down in whatever shape required using moulds.

Then the options of scents, colour and ex-foliating materials to determine the finished product.

"The process can take two to three hours and the conditions you work in can play a major factor with it,” Matt said.

Beth wanted to start up the business to offer an unique and high quality service to the Gladstone region.

"Some of the candles are fire safe by using them in a heater and no flame required to burn it for the scent to come out,” Beth said.

There are a variety of scents available including Autumn Harvest, Pina Colada, Fields of Flowers, Bulgarian Rose, African Mango & Roobis, Absinthe Crystal and Candy Cane.

Beth has plans to expand the business by starting up a website to engage the local, Australian and possibly international one as well.