Stewart and Annette Muir rake their site before setting up camp at Amamoor.
Stewart and Annette Muir rake their site before setting up camp at Amamoor. Renee Pilcher

Home away from home at the Muster

THE breeze is laden with a top note of smoky campfire, the middle note is Aussie bush and the bass – dust. A drop of rain wouldn’t go astray at Amamoor Creek State Forest Park but the fragrance is pure Gympie Muster.

The early birds have been setting up camp since August 1.

That’s the date of the “gold rush”, said grey nomad Annette Muir.

With the camping grounds closed due to maintenance, visitors were not allowed in before 8am on the first day of August.

There were lines of buses and caravans camped along the road leading to the park’s entrance, because it was a case of first in, best location, Annette said.

“As soon as the go-ahead was given, everyone fired up.”

The trouble was Stewart, Annette’s other half, was so keen to get going he forgot to mention to his wife he was moving the van and midway between her early morning cuppa it was all systems go as he started hightailing it to Shady Camp.

“8am comes and it’s on,” Annette chuckled. “I’d just put the kettle on and was just drinking my cup of tea – and he started moving the van.”

The gold rush was on and everyone was racing to mark their spot.”

Meanwhile, David Maudlen had found his home away from home and was coaxing his campfire into action to start his breakfast.

Camping buddy Lord Dudley wasn’t standing on ceremony and was greeting all camp visitors warmly.

David’s pooch has been around Australia with him and was named after the Lord Dudley pub during a stop-off in Sydney.

“We had a drink with a mate in 2000 at the Lord Dudley,” David said. “He went in as Cuddly Dudley and was rechristened Lord Dudley.”

It’s David’s “13th or 14th Muster” and he reckons he has found the perfect camping spot.

“I’m only a four minute brisk walk or one tinny to Main Stage,” he said.

The Optus Gympie Music Muster starts on Tuesday, August 23 and continues to Sunday, August 28.

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