Parents, campers reminded to be vigilant about fire danger

AFTER the recent weekend fires at Black Harry Island, near the Calliope substation, the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service school holiday warning comes as a timely reminder.

Firefighters have urged parents to be vigilant during the September holidays, as camping situations can present opportunities for disastrous fires to be sparked.

QFRS Commissioner Lee Johnson warned holiday-makers the onus was on them to ensure their campfires were controlled.

"Fires should be lit in cleared areas where there are no overhanging branches and minimal grass and scrub, and they should be watched at all times," he said.

It comes as fire communications could not confirm the status of the Black Harry Island fire, but did believe it had been contained by brigades in attendance.

They also said that any proposed backburning to come would not be confirmed until the day of the fire, as authorities would be waiting for the correct conditions before lighting up protective burns.