MONDAY MUSO: Russell Hockey plays gigs around Gladstone.
MONDAY MUSO: Russell Hockey plays gigs around Gladstone. Tegan Annett

Lonely Boy hits the right tunes in Gladstone

RUSSELL Hockey spends a lot of time at pubs.

But he's not one to sit at the bar. Instead he'll be seen on stage belting out some great tunes.

Russell, who is the front man of the Lonely Boy duo, plays at least one gig a week in Gladstone.

"The crowds are really responsive in Gladstone and we always get a lot of feedback.

"They're all fun, good gigs," he said.

From stripped back acoustic Slipknot to classic Matchbox 20, their sets always have a variety of music.

Yesterday he played at the Gladstone Reef Hotel for a Sunday sesh.

"What I enjoy about it is being able to get some sort of emotional response from the crowd," he said.

"There's always someone that comes up and says something like: 'My father showed me that song, and it always reminds me of him'."

Occasionally Russell swaps his guitar for his DJ gear.

"It's much of a muchness. It's the same deal of letting people have a good time and enjoy themselves," he said.

Within the next year, he hopes to release an album and tour the Queensland coast.

When he's not playing music at a pub or club, Russell said he spends time with his two-year-old son.

"He's a music prodigy as well, he loves his drums.

"Hopefully he'll be able to play with us one day," he said.