The Coffs Hotel pictured in the 1970s.
The Coffs Hotel pictured in the 1970s. Tooth Co Archive

Histories of Coffs Coast pubs retold

RIGHT throughout history the headlines of the day have been discussed at length in the bars of local pubs and hotels.

As the old joke goes some of the world's biggest problems have been solved and settled over a few quiet beers.

And then of course some of the greatest inventions and ideas throughout time have been scrawled on beer coasters during pub chats.

Hotels and pubs are a key part of Australia's cultural identity as community meeting places.

Coffs Harbour is no exception and has a deep connection with historical pubs and hotels, but most of this information was hard to find ... until now.

A project from the Australian National University Archives has brought the history of Coffs Harbour and surrounds online for the community.

The archives has a new online exhibition showcasing the history of Tooth and Company and the many hotels it owned and supplied throughout the state.

From Coffs Harbour, this includes:


The original Pier Hotel.
The original Pier Hotel. Tooth and Co.


The Seaview Tavern.
The Seaview Tavern. Tooth Co.




The Imperial Hotel Sawtell 1930s.
The Imperial Hotel Sawtell 1930s. Tooth Co




The Raleigh Hotel.
The Raleigh Hotel. Tooth Co




Dorrigo Hotel.
Dorrigo Hotel. Tooth Co


Taylors Arm



The Golden Sands in 1924.
The Golden Sands in 1924. Tooth Co

Nambucca Heads

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