Jason Hoad
Jason Hoad

History for Hoad as Singapore looms

MARTIAL ARTS:BEAST Martial Arts and Fitness Academy head coach Jason Hoad will lead Australian and New Zealand teams for the first time.

Jason Hoad
Jason Hoad

Hoad has been appointed as one of four coaches who will take the first Australian Mixed Martial Arts team that will compete in the Global Association of MMA World Championship (GAMMA).

The event will take place in Singapore from November 18-23 after which Hoad will watch the live ONE Championship show before flying back home.

“I was contacted by the GAMMA Oceania president and he asked if I would come on board as a coach.

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“They noticed my contribution to both adult and junior combat sports and for both professional and amateur fighters and wanted me to be a part of the Aussie and NZ team,” Hoad said.

“I also have big news with GAMMA and BEAST Fighting Federation that will come to light in 2020 which I am very excited about.

“The thing I love most about martial arts isn’t about me at all,” he said.
 Hoad will join Canberra’s Adam Saunderson from Legion 13, Mach 1 Fight Club’s Stephen Walton and Romel Luistro (Southcity Boxing and Fight Academy). He knows a large number of fighters, coaches and members from other clubs in Australia.
  He has also kept in touch with fighters and promoters from New Zealand, and other parts of the world including Kyrgyzstan, Dagestan, and a few other Russian Fight Promoters and managers he has been working with.
 “I went from doing the coaching duties to now being involved in the selection process and administration of both the Australian and New Zealand teams,” Hoad said.
 “I have also designed and helped sourced sponsors for the athletes travelling over to compete.”
 Hoad’s vision started when he wanted to grow martial arts opportunities in Gladstone and other areas through Central Queensland.
 His immediate focus is on a junior event.
 “We have 21 bouts with junior fighters travelling long distances to become a champion on our local show, the Junior Fight Night 2,” Hoad said of the event on November 2.
 Hoad said a part of the criteria required to be one of the four selected was passion.
 “Knowing what you are doing, being transparent and looking after everyone equally and being passionate and dedicated and doing it all for the love of the sport is probably the best way to sum it up,” he said.
 “Some people want to make money running clubs and that’s awesome for them, however I am aiming beyond that and I want to build a pathway for juniors and adults to fulfil their dreams and go as far as their talent and hard work will take them.”