YOU may recognise this quirky Aussie hip-hop artist Evil Eddie from his former days with Butterfingers, but he is also highly recognised for his own, bizarre, offbeat singles.

Now he can be found in his home city, Brisbane, creating some radical lyrics and beats for his fans.

Evil Eddie is currently looking forward to touring to Gladstone for the El Grande Festival.

When asked to play his immediate thought was, "finally I can shut my friend up."

He admitted his friend Brett White had been hassling him to play a Gladstone gig for years.

Gig details

  • WHAT: Playing at El Grande Festival
  • WHERE: Grand Hotel, Gladstone
  • WHEN: Saturday August 3
  • WHO: 18+ event only
  • COST: $30 pre-door, $40 on the door

Check out the Pulse section in The Observer's Thursday print edition for an in-depth interview with the artist.

Evil Eddie's music video Golden Age. Directed by Timothy Lovett, Edit by Alex Gee @ Breeder Studios for...