Hilltop Hoods talk about reaction to Gladstone concert

THE reaction by some residents to the Hilltop Hoods concert in Gladstone on Sunday has been given a mention on radio station Triple J.

The Hoods' MC Pressure and Suffa appeared on Breakfast with Matt and Alex on Thursday morning to announce the station's 40th anniversary Beat the Drum concert next year.

The first question to them was about the anger of some Gladstone residents regarding noise from the outdoor concert.

"On social media on Monday, there was a few people unhappy about how loud the concert was. There was an outdoor concert," the Hoods said.

The announcers read some quotes from The Observer's story on the issue, including that "residents fumed over the gig that had finished at 8.10pm".

Online commenter Progressagain's comment also got a mention: "What an appalling blatant display of disregard for residents was this horrific noise pollution which we were subjected to (Sunday) afternoon and last night!" 

The announcers also read the results of The Observer's online poll.

The poll results, responding to the question 'What did you think about the Hilltop Hoods gig?', on Friday were:

  • It was a great thing and there should be more of it: 76%
  • It didn't bother me at all: 4%
  • It should have been held at a different venue: 8%
  • I didn't appreciate it booming across town: 10%

While there were complaints from some residents, the overwhelming response to the concert has been one of support.

The Hilltop Hoods also posted a comment in their Facebook page about the issue.

"Evidently some people in Gladstone weren't happy about the noise/language coming from our show.

"I can see both sides. I have a park in my backyard and it has a lot of events that I'm not exactly stoked on.

"But at the end of the day you're in a community, and sometimes people in the community have different tastes to you.

"I guess that sometimes you have to take the good with the bad.

"I'm not having a go at the people that complained by the way, it's their community and they're entitled to their opinion."

More information about the Beat the Drum concert is available here.

Click here for the full podcast of Matt and Alex's Thursday show