RACKING UP STAGE TIME: The Mason Rack Band has been touring for 16 years and have released three studio albums.
RACKING UP STAGE TIME: The Mason Rack Band has been touring for 16 years and have released three studio albums. Facebook

High octane blues act racks up a new milestone

FRONT man Mason Rack prays before each gig. To who, he does not know.

But whoever it is, it appears to have been paying off.

The popular blues outfit, with the eponymous title The Mason Rack Band, will start their mini-tour this weekend to promote a milestone: their first ever single release, titled Time Again.

The band, which has headlined international tours, will play at the Agnes Water Tavern later this month, the last stop on the tour.

Unfortunately Gladstone will be overlooked this time, but when this was pointed out to Rack, he promised to change that in the future.

Rack said the idea of releasing a single was suggested by the band's bass player, Jamie Roberts.

"It seemed like a good idea," Rack said.

"He hopefully knows what the groove is."

Rack said the band intended to release the full album which will feature Time Again, by the end of the year.

He said they were "over halfway" through the process of putting it together.

"We've got a good producer in Brad Hosking (of Blind Boy Studios)," Rack said.

He said the Agnes audience could expect a good time when the notoriously high energy band hits the town.

"If they haven't seen us before, they'll see something they've never seen before, if they have seen us before, they'll get our show, plus a bit more," he said.

Rack and his band mates are known for their live drum duels and their ability to seamlessly switch instruments and roles while on stage.

But although Rack says he likes to keep fit, it's not particularly for the show.

"We do a bit of running around for the show, the boys keep up, they do very well," he said.

The high-octane front man has some unorthodox plans for his future which he said, will not be all about music.

While he said he wanted to keep releasing new material and building the band's profile with international tours and ultimately "jag a hit or two", his plans away from the band may just be where his heart is.

"Our ultimate goal," he said (referring to himself and his wife Tanille) is to acquire a whole bunch of acreage and start an animal rescue and alcohol and drug rehab centre."

Rack said the animal rescue facility he and his partner envisaged would be mostly for native animals but also for those abandoned and mistreated.

The rehab side of the vision belongs to Rack.

"I'm 17 years clean and sober," he said.

"I want the people in recovery to work with the animals - that exchange is really helpful for people."

The Mason Rack Band will play Agnes Water Tavern February 24, with an 8.30 start. It is FREE.