Hervey Bay driver has highest blood alcohol reading

IT'S not a record any region would want.

A Fraser Coast driver allegedly returned the highest blood alcohol reading in Queensland on New Year's Eve.

The record was taken out by a 26-year-old Burrum Heads man, who was driving a Toyota Corolla when he was stopped about 10.50pm at Cupania Way in Kawungan on Sunday, allegedly returning a reading of .215, more than four times the legal limit.

The man will face court on January 24.

Hervey Bay Sergeant Paul Byrne said it was frustrating to see people ignoring the dire warnings from police officers.

"We've been trying to reinforce it to them for years that there are a considerable amount of alternatives to drink driving," he said.

With plenty of taxis, courtesy buses, dial a driver services and designated drivers, there was no reason for anyone to be drink driving, Sgt Byrne said.

"There's really no excuse for drink driving any more," he said.

"People think they're not going to get caught and they do."

Sgt Byrne said the fatal five, including seatbelts, distraction, fatigue, driving under the influence and speeding were what police focussed on when it came to enforcing road rules.

He said conducting roadside breath tests was a big part of protecting the community from dangerous drivers.

When asked if it was disappointing that the highest reading in the state had been recorded in Hervey Bay, Sgt Byrne said it was disappointing that there were any readings at all.

"People are lazy, they think it's not going to happen to them," he said.

"They blame the police as if it's their fault.

"People don't realise if they are caught drink driving and they have an accident, their insurance is immediately void.

"The insurance company won't cover them.

"People don't think about it."

Sgt Byrne said in the event of a crash, drivers will automatically be breath tested.

"Police are all for people going out and enjoying themselves with friends and family, but they need to plan how to get home."