Bart Thompson's beach bench has been removed
Bart Thompson's beach bench has been removed

Council responds to Tannum beach-bench petition

AFTER more than 533 people signed a petition to bring back Tannum Sand's favourite skateboard bench, Gladstone Regional Council has released a statement saying the groovy chair goes against council regulations.

The beach-bench built by local Bart Thompson earlier this month on second beach is made from old skateboards and two Palm Trees.

Gladstone Regional Council said Bart could keep his bench if it meets the conditions of council approval but at the moment the beach-bench has broken a number of rules including Schedule 2, Part 4 (d) of Subordinate Local Law No.4 (Local Government Controlled Areas, Facilities and Roads) 2011.

A spokesman from Gladstone Regional Council said the bench did not meet relevant safety standards.

"It is Council's intention to work with local artists through many forums and Council recognises that art plays an important in our public spaces," he said.

"A policy has been developed to assist artists and Council in providing safe, accessible and engaging art pieces across our region.


Bart Thompson's chair has been removed
Bart Thompson's chair has been removed Bart Thompson

"Council was informed of a bench seat at Tannum Sands. The seat was cordoned off for public safety before being removed by the artist.

Council is working with the artist to return this popular bench seat to the area in a safe manner for the enjoyment of all."

The council rule book also highlights that under the relevant Local Law, erecting or installing a building, structure or facility in, on, across or over a park or reserve is considered a restricted activity.