Here’s how to be confident of winning the argument

BEING confident and loud is the best way to win an argument - even if you are wrong, a new study suggests.

Researchers from Washington State University came to the conclusion after studying the activity of Twitter users. The more opinionated they were, the more influential and trustworthy they were perceived to be, the Daily Mail reports.

The study analysed more than a billion tweets posted during various American sporting events to the test whether being accurate or being confident made Twitter users more popular.

Despite professional commentators and amateur fans making a similar number of correct predictions, the tweeters who "yelled" louder were seen as more trustworthy.

To test the theory, two economic students from the university studied the language of sports pundits who often "yell" for attention.

Jadrien Wooten and Ben Smith found professionals' predictions were correct 47% of the time, and amateurs, in 45% of cases.

But professionals who used "loud" words like "vanquish" and "destroy", were considered more reliable.