Try to at least have a weekly one-on-one talk with your child about school and friends.
Try to at least have a weekly one-on-one talk with your child about school and friends. FatCamera

Help your children defeat bullies

Bullying is everywhere and no matter how hard you try to prevent it, it still could happen to your child. We never want our kids to be victims of bullying. So we want to guard them against these heartless and mindless bullies who will do everything to make a child feel worthless. Here are some effective ways to bully-proof your child.

1. Enrol them in self defence or martial arts classes. Martial arts teach kids self defence, discipline and mental and spiritual development. Having your child learn the techniques of self defence and how to control the situation is a great advantage.

2. Get them involved in debating or public speaking. Children can learn to express themselves so when a bully strikes, they can fight back by voicing their opinion against bullying. It also improves a child's confidence to face other challenges.

3. Have a weekly 'one-on-one' talk with your child. Communication is always key to a parent-child relationship. If you can't make it daily, try to have at least a weekly one-on-one talk about school and friends. This simple talk would make your child feel at ease and comfortable with you knowing there's someone who will listen to them.

4. Remove any screen access from kids' bedrooms. The internet offers not just the good but all the bad in the world, and yes, cyberbullying is one aspect of it. Take the first step before any happens. Remove any screen access from bedrooms, but not from the whole house. You can control their screen time and make sure you know who they're interacting with. Teach your child to let you know immediately if someone says or texts mean things to them.

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