Help the refugees through a more practical means

I'm not on board with the latest charity fad whereby participants live like a refugee for a week.

It seems to me more of an opportunity to use social media to draw attention to the pain and suffering the participant has chosen to put their bodies through for the sake of a bit of awareness, some fundraising and loads of narcissism.

It would make much more sense to provide practical assistance through donating useful items of clothing and furniture to charities that support newly arrived refugee immigrants to Australia.

Write letters of support or donate to legitimate (not "flash in the pan"), established and worthwhile organisations such as Amnesty International.

Write letters to the local media and politicians expressing your concerns regarding the treatment of refugees.

Maybe it's just me, but I think posting selfies with a refugee ration pack is a bit cringeworthy.

And if you're really that passionate, head out to a country that needs help and do work for a community. Meet with the people, listen to their stories and provide practical assistance.

Some Australian "charities" are rather unscrupulous. I'm always wary.

Even the more established organisations can have trouble providing funds or making donations arrive at the right place, when overseas governments are corrupt.