The Hello Gladstone website has been built to attract people to Gladstone.
The Hello Gladstone website has been built to attract people to Gladstone.

Website to promote Gladstone draws interest

THE Hello Gladstone website, built to attract people to Gladstone and make relocating to the city easier, has been well visited since it went live six weeks ago, with almost 7000 hits on the site.

On Tuesday, a presentation was held to thank the sponsors and participants that made the website possible.

The Gladstone Health partnership came up with the idea for the website in an attempt to attract more health professionals to the region.

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Gladstone Industry Leadership Group CEO Kurt Heidecker said in bringing health professionals to Gladstone it would also stabilise the rest of the workforce.

Maps identifying schools, parks, churches and shops in the area as well as testimonials from new Gladstonites are among the features used to lure people to the city.

"We gathered all the information people may want to know to help them make an informed decision about relocating to Gladstone," he said.

"It's about their personal story and how potentially others can be reassured that you can make the move and you can relocate here and still have a great quality of life."

"It's for prospective people to encourage them and also people that have just come to help them settle in."

Gladstone Hospital's director of medical services Nicki Murdock said the website gave a realistic impression of what Gladstone is like and that increased the chances of people staying in the long term.

"Gladstone has the same problem that regional and rural Queensland has of attracting health care professionals to it and that's always been a challenge and it continues to be a challenge but we've got a lot of innovative ideas around how we can do that better," she said.

"It's wrong to recruit people with promises of what their lifestyle will be like, only to disappoint them once they get here.

"If we recruit people and they know what they are coming to they are much more likely to stay."

You can check out the website at