The Israel Folau saga is far from over. Picture: AP
The Israel Folau saga is far from over. Picture: AP

More Hell awaits Rugby Australia, Folau

This is only the end of the beginning in the Israel Folau saga which is destined for the courts now Rugby Australia almost has a green light to tear up his contract.

Being found to have committed a high-level breach of RA's Code of Conduct by a three-person panel is as severe as it sounds.

The Folau camp can go to an independent appeals committee, as set out by RA, should the Code of Conduct panel now decide that termination is the punishment.

Beyond that the Court of Arbitration for Sport may be the next stop to challenge the finding.

That's the same CAS which ruled against South African runner Caster Semenya's plea to be allowed to compete in women's competition without having to lower her testosterone to a level demanded by the peak body in athletics.

Religion is just as vexing but the Folau case has been about vilification not freedom of speech.

It wasn't guaranteed but the Code of Conduct panel has seen the real point.

The panel appears to have given great weight to Folau being warned last year of the damage to the code that further vilification of homosexuals would have.

The fallout since his "Hell Awaits You" post on social media is unlike anything seen before in rugby and, selfishly, most of this mess was foreseeable by Folau.