HOME BIRTH: Toby Buhse delivered his baby daughter Charlie under where he, wife Aimee and daughter Elouise are sitting.
HOME BIRTH: Toby Buhse delivered his baby daughter Charlie under where he, wife Aimee and daughter Elouise are sitting. Francis Witsenhuysen

Helidon dad delivers baby on lounge room floor

HALF an hour after arriving home from work Toby Buhse, 20, delivered his baby daughter on his lounge room floor.

"I got home at 2.30pm and she was out by 3.19pm,” Mr Buhse said.

"It was scary, there was so much going on at once and a lot of screaming.”

Mum, Aimee Buhse, 21, said she had been experiencing mild contractions in the days leading up to the spontaneous birth last Tuesday.

"Toby was working, I was trying to get onto him for about an hour,” she said.

"I finally got onto him to come home, because I was having pretty good contractions by then.

"Our daughter Elouise, who's almost two, was coming up to me saying 'it's alright.'

"Toby wanted to ring the hospital then - I said not yet because the contractions weren't regular.”

Mrs Buhse went into the lounge room and was leaning over the couch, crying out, while Mr Buhse rang the hospital.

"I got off the phone, Aimee sat down on the couch and her waters broke,” he said.

"I rang 000 straight away, Elouise was crying so there was lots of screaming. I sat her down and told her the baby was coming.”

The 000 nurse began talking a terrified Mr Buhse through the delivery.

"They asked me if I could see the head and told me I was going to have to deliver this baby,” Mr Buhse said.

In his fear, Mr Buhse began telling his wife to hold off on pushing, because he didn't want her to give birth at home.

"The next contraction Aimee pushed and I was holding Charlie's head in my hands and the 000 operator told me to see if the cord was around her neck,” he said.

"I couldn't see so I felt around her throat, thankfully I could feel she was breathing.”

Mrs Buhse's next contraction started, she pushed and all of a sudden baby Charlie Fay Buhse was born, weighing in at 7lb 4oz.

The 000 operator continued talking Mr Buhse through what to do, telling him to wrap Charlie in a warm towel, clean her and put on her mother's chest.

"About five minutes after she was born, and cleaned up the Ambos were here, luckily they were just in Gatton refuelling,” Mr Buhse said.

"They cut the cord at home.”

The ambulance officers then took the Buhse's to the Toowoomba Base Hospital, where mum and baby stayed overnight and were home the next day.

From his experience, Mr Buhse said he thought all new fathers in Australia should do a mandatory course on the simple safety instructions of a birth.

"So much can go wrong, I was more scared because if the cord had of been around her neck-I wouldn't have known what to do,” he said.