Heavyweight boxer Mark de Mori.
Heavyweight boxer Mark de Mori. Mike Richards

Heavyweight de Mori returns from Croatia for Gladdy bout

MARK de Mori is a boxer because he loves it, and his demeanour breaks about every stereotype that a boxer can have.

He is extremely smart - not a big, brain-dead thumper; he is a nice guy - not a thug in gloves; and he respects each and every one of his opponents for doing what they do - he's not out to trash talk.

That does not mean he is not in the ring to win, and hurting people is part of the job for a boxer.

Back in Gladstone for the Harbour City Havoc 2, after headlining the first event last year with a fourth round KO of Rob Callaway, de Mori has made the journey all the way from his training base in Croatia, preferring to come back to what is now his fighting home in Australia.

"I had a fight in Germany on television I could have taken, but my loyalty is to my sponsors who are in Gladstone," de Mori said.

This time in Gladstone though is a lot more relaxed than last year's trip, spending a month in total before the fight with Lubos Suda.

Coming off the back of a few wins in Europe, some of which were on his honeymoon with wife Milijana in April, de Mori is in the best shape of his life training with an elite program in Croatia.

At 31, he knows that the next five years are going to see him out in the sport, and as a professional is taking an approach that the results are all on his gloves.

"I have had such a good preparation training full time," de Mori said. "His only chance is to land a punch I don't see coming."

With tickets all but sold out to the Harbour City Havoc 2 and a likely Mark de Mori victory, it will be the first time he has fought 12 rounds, a prospect that does not faze the heavyweight.

Harbour City Havoc 2:

  • Gladstone Entertainment Convention Centre, November 16 from 6.30pm
  • 5-fight card headlined by Mark De Mori v Lubos Suda
  • De Mori and Suda will fight for WBU Heavyweight World Title with 12 rounds scheduled
  • Women's lightweight world title also on the undercard