Heavy rain kills fish in BITS Golf Club pond

FRESHWATER fish in an old effluent pond on the Boyne Island Tannum Sands golf course were killed by the recent heavy downpour in the Gladstone region.

Gladstone Regional Council was alerted to the dead fish floating in the pond this morning.

The water was previously used for irrigation and recent heavy rain is believed to have depleted its dissolved oxygen.

Council's Senior Conservation officer Dr Rebecca Hendry was called in to investigate, requesting the oxygen levels be tested.

She said the dissolved oxygen was found to be lower than the tolerance levels of most freshwater fish and the water temperature was high. 

"It is likely the recent heavy rain has stirred up the pond's sediments and washed in new organic material," Dr Hendry said.

"The rapid decomposition of the sediments and organic material creates a high demand on the water's oxygen, leaving little for the fish which then suffocate and die."

Council's Chief Executive Officer Stuart Randle said the South West and Conservation crews were called in to clean up after the incident.

"The crews used nets to scoop out some of the dead fish, but they will have to wait till the rest float to the edge to complete the operation," Mr Randle said.

The clean up is expected to be completed tomorrow