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Fast and heavy, In Hearts Wake music will pound Gladdy

IN Hearts Wake are not for the faint-hearted. The five-piece band boasts a heavy metal/ hardcore persona. Its creativity can be put down to the inspirational surrounds of Byron Bay which brought the members together.

The band released its acclaimed UNFD debut Divination in August 2012, cementing its position in the hardcore/metal scene.

In Hearts Wake has toured across Australia, Europe and the UK making a name for themselves in the scene.

The well-known group is set to break into Gladstone to perform at The Gladstone Tennis Club on Thursday, January 9, with Hand of Mercy, Hellions and De Memoria. Click here for tickets.

This week The Observer features a Q&A with In Hearts Wake drummer, Caleb Burton.  

Q - If you could describe your music in one sentence what would it be?

A - Fast, heavy, clean, catchy, ambient and powerful... although it's not for everyone.

Q - How would you describe each band member?

Ben (lead guitar) - The brains behind the writing; he's got a big heart and is a great guy. He also has over 15 years experience of playing guitar under his belt.

Kyle (bass/backing vocals) - A really genuine, nice guy who's blessed with good looks along with a great voice and musical ability.

Eaven (rhythm guitar) - Adds that different element to the band, he is excellent at guitar and always coming up with new ideas that we wouldn't have thought of!

Jake (vocals) - A very unique human being. If it weren't for his ideas and passion to get this band where it is today, In Hearts Wake might not have ever existed.

Q - Tell us how your band originally got together?

A - Jake, Ben and Eaven formed the band as young, eager high school kids wanting to play metal in 2006. A year later I (Caleb) joined the band full time. Then in late 2010 Kyle joined making In Hearts Wake what it is today.

Q - What's the biggest challenge you've faced as a band?

A - Taking turns driving 23 hours home from Adelaide. It's not fun!

Q - What's been your highlight to date?

A - Most probably our European tour earlier this year with The Amity Affliction and Landscapes (UK). We had never been to Europe.

Q - What's been your funniest story while on tour?

A - Last year we supported Enter Shikari (UK) along the east coast of Australia. While in Melbourne, the venue didn't exactly have ideal parking for load in/out so we had to park in the alley behind, which was also the back entrance to a certain X-rated club for gentlemen.

Our van was apparently blocking customers and was bad for the business, so a representative of the club came out and "keyed" the front of our rental van.

The cops were called, but no charges were laid. Maybe not so much funny as it was unfortunate!

Q - What's the best thing you are looking forward to about performing in Gladstone?

A - Checking out the natural attractions and cool scenery, meeting new people and giving regional kids a chance to see us live.

Q - What can fans expect in 2014?

A - We are lucky enough to be playing Soundwave amongst other festivals such as Breath Of Life and Pushover, which we are really looking forward to. We have a lot planned for 2014!


WHERE: the Gladstone Tennis Club

WHEN: Thursday January 9, 2014

TIME: 6.30-11pm

TICKETS: $15+BF presales, $20 on the door.