A amateur weather forecaster has predicted a widespread heatwave in November.
A amateur weather forecaster has predicted a widespread heatwave in November. Contributed

Heatwave: Temperatures to rise above 40 degrees

IT WILL be a very hot start to summer, according to amateur weather forecaster David Taylor.

Mr Taylor -- who runs East Coast Weather Facebook page - has correctly predicted major weather events in the past, and his latest prediction was that Australia could experience a widespread heatwave just before the official season.

"A heatwave which will affect most of Australia will affect our country, towards the end of November," Mr Taylor wrote on East Coast Weather.

"This heatwave will be decent and very HOT! and will affect WA, VIC, NSW, QLD and SA.

"This heatwave will affect these areas over a period of about two weeks (some locations may experience this for only a few days and others a week or so).

"Temperatures in some areas will reach well into the 40's.

"Minimums will be higher than normal as well, really hard sleeping heat and very high humidity."

The Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) reported the last financial year was hot with maximum temperatures the warmest on record from July to June.

Minimums were also above average but not record-breaking, at 0.72 degrees above the long term average.

BoM's October to December outlook was issued on September 13 and predicts days and nights are likely to be warmer than average for all of Australia.

"A drier and warmer-than-average end to the year would mean a low chance of recovery for drought-affected areas of eastern Australia," it reads.

BoM records Lismore's median maximum temperature for November as 28C and predicts an equal likelihood of similar chances.

Ballina and Byron Bay's median maximum is 26.6C.

Kyogle's November maximum is 29C and BoM predicts a likely chance of higher temperatures - more than 60 per cent.