GREENS: Hinkler candidate Anne Jackson with Senator Larissa Waters in the Bundaberg CBD on Thursday.
GREENS: Hinkler candidate Anne Jackson with Senator Larissa Waters in the Bundaberg CBD on Thursday. Tahlia Stehbens

'Heartless govt experiment': Candidate slams cashless card

GREENS Hinkler candidate Anne Jackson has voiced her opposition to the Cashless Debit Card after meeting with Bundy residents in the CBD.

Ms Jackson said fighting the CDC would be her top priority at the federal election and both she and Senator Larissa Waters urged the electorate to see just how unjust the implementation of it was.

The Hinkler candidate criticised the scheme as being demeaning and unfair to people on government assistance.

"The Cashless Debit Card has had a devastating impact on the people of Bundaberg and Hervey Bay, who have become the unwilling participants of a heartless government experiment," Ms Jackson said.

"This policy does not create jobs or help people who are struggling with addiction or in need of government assistance. All it does is punish the most vulnerable among us and divide our community.

"I've been in community forums across the electorate with our Greens senator Larissa Waters where we asked people for their opinion of the cashless debit card and not one person supported it.

"I really would like to see a person face to face who supports the card and can tell me why."

Ms Jackson said the government should be implementing policies that empower people rather than control their finances.

"We need to empower people by raising the Newstart allowance and establishing drug, alcohol and mental health services," she said.

"We should also be doing more to create jobs through a massive public investment in training and infrastructure as well as making education more accessible by providing free TAFE and university."

Senator Waters, who is running for re-election, urged the Hinkler electorate to think for themselves when it came time to vote at the polling booth.

"People make up their own minds on their ballot paper and I'd encourage people to think really carefully about what sort of policies and the sort of people that they want representing them in parliament," Senator Waters said.

"We need people like Anne in parliament who will fight for the interests of the community rather than corporations, and we need to keep the Greens in the Senate to hold the major parties to account."