The vehicle performs a u turn and avoids what could have been a horrific crash.
The vehicle performs a u turn and avoids what could have been a horrific crash.

HEART-STOPPING FOOTAGE: Driver u-turns into oncoming traffic

SHOCKING footage of a driver performing a uturn on a highway into oncoming traffic has stunned social media users.

The driver of the vehicle, who must be counting his lucky stars today, sent the video to the Dash Cam Owners Facebook page.

The video, posted yesterday, from the point of view of the driver, shows the car cruising down the Hume Highway in a 110km/hr zone in New South Wales, then abruptly performs a uturn to head in the opposite direction.

It's at that heart-stopping moment you see the oncoming traffic heading towards the vehicle and the car pulls onto the side of the road, safely out of harms way.


If the driver had waited only a few seconds longer before performing the dangerous manoeuvre, the vehicle would have crashed into a truck and other vehicles.

"U turned into oncoming traffic going 110," the post read.

"Thought I was turning into highway going the other direction which was further ahead."

The post attracted more than 2600 comments and was shared more than 600 times.

Social media users couldn't believe the driver would pull a stunt like that and many called for the driver to hand in their licence.

One user wrote: "This sort of thing just terrifies me that we are forced to share the roads with these sort of people. Who in their right mind would do a u-turn coming off an off ramp onto a highway! This guy needs to hand in his licence."

Another was impressed the driver admitted the mistake.

"At least he had the b*lls to admit he made a mistake."