Majority of emergency hospital admissions due to heart

CENTRAL Queensland is a heart disease hot spot, with chest pain the top reason people were hospitalised through the Gladstone and Rockhampton Hospital emergency departments in 2014.

Figures from the Central Queensland Health and Hospital Service show 2343 people were admitted to the emergency department last year - 1488 of them in the Rockhampton Hospital emergency department alone.

Heart Foundation Queensland health director Rachelle Foreman said Central Queensland, like much of regional Queensland, had a high prevalence of heart disease.

Heart Foundation statistics show 21.2% of central Queensland people have cardiovascular disease while 62.4% of people are not getting enough exercise - a key factor in developing heart disease.

Ms Foreman said while genetics and socio-economics played a role in the prevalence of heart disease, the biggest driver was lifestyle.

She said regional Queenslanders were more likely to be overweight and to smoke and less likely to get enough exercise.

"Clearly, where regional Queenslanders are not doing well is with weight and obesity levels.

"Across Queensland people just aren't getting exercise. That's just half an hour a day," she said.

Ms Foreman said while Brisbane had lower cardiovascular disease rates, it was still not healthy.

She said the good news was lifestyle was changeable.


1. Possible cardiac chest pain…2343

2. Viral infection…2181

3. Upper respiratory tract infection…2138

4. Urinary tract infection…1683

5. Ankle strain / sprain…1649

6. Dressing change…1541

7. Viral gastroenteritis…1501

8. Gastroenteritis…1334

9. Minor head injury…1306

10. Lower abdominal pain…1257

Data: 2014