Healthcare partnership is a bold move, but seems to work

HEALTH services in Gladstone have been the butt of many arguments between the people and the authorities for a long, long time.

Many of the problems were systemic ones, and many seem to have been the result of the many organisations, which provide health services, working autonomously.

The recently established Gladstone Healthcare Partnership has already broken down a number of the barriers that prevented a united movement towards improving health care.

Through bringing health care professionals from all sectors together in one room has meant that they have been able to establish much closer working relationships, with the result that each faction understands better the issues facing the other.

This collaboration must surely mean that Gladstone's voice will be heard much louder in high places, and change must follow.

The formation of the group was created by Rio Tinto's Community Fund.

It's a bold move, and a big ask, but one that seems to be working.