Wellness - it's all the rage.
Wellness - it's all the rage.

Health survey finds just 25% happy with libido

A RECENT survey of 100 Gladstone residents found half were dissatisfied with their sleep and fewer than 25 per cent were satisfied with their libido.

The survey, conducted by Epic Yoga and Lifestyle, assessed the health and well-being of Gladstone residents.

The Epic Lifestyle Scorecard was designed to help its yoga members think about their health as more than their waistline.

The results showed fewer than 25 per cent were happy with their bodies and 50 out of the 100 people weren't happy with their sleep.

Founder Paul Charalambous said he was surprised by the results.

"It might sound a bit doom and gloom, but it's really not, it's a reminder that no-one is 100 per cent happy, perfect or satisfied all the time," MrCharalambous said.

"Life ebbs and flows, acknowledging that our mood and health is affected by more than just our waistline is a part of self-acceptance.

"And self-acceptance is the healthiest thing we can all actively do."

The survey was done in the lead up to the Auckland St business's 40 Day Mind Body Challenge, which starts today.