Health care under scrutiny as Medicare Local ramps up

What is primary health care?

Who is on the Medicare Local Board?

GLADSTONE'S health care system may be on the road to recovery as a Federal Government initiative ramps up operations in 2013.

The Medicare Local scheme, which was established under the sweeping National Healthcare Reforms last July, is aimed at improving health care delivery across the state.

In the coming weeks the Central Queensland Medicare Local (CQML) will be seeking to engage with residents in the Gladstone community to see what health care issues need to be addressed.

"Gladstone is a growing community and CQML are focused on making real headway addressing the health care needs of the area," CQML CEO Jean McRuvie said.

The consultation comes off the back of a number of patients presenting to the Gladstone Hospital emergency department with suspected primary health problems.

The CQML has already started working collaboratively with local GPs and the hospital on after-hours health care solutions.

Since July the CQML has introduced a number of new services to the Gladstone community including psychology and suicide prevention programs.

"Making real improvements to an area as complex and important as healthcare takes time. But it is encouraging to see the right people at the table all motivated and committed to make it happen," Ms McRuvie said.

What is primary health care?

  • The first level of care or entry point into the health care system.
  • An approach to care that is concerned with accessibility, continuing care, community involvement.
  • Used to distinguish between care received in and outside of a hospital environment.

Who is on the Medicare Local Board?

  • Bruce Elliot - Chair of Board of Directors, member of sub-committees
  • Mark Tobin - Board Director & Member of Clinical Governance sub-committee
  • Dr Ricki Jeffrey - Board Director & Member of Board Director & Chair - Partnership & Stakeholder Engagement sub-committee
  • Dr Wayne Alexander Sanderson - Board Director & Chair - Corporate Governance sub-committee
  • Dr Ewen McPhee - Deputy Chair - Clinical Governance sub-committee, Member of Finance sub-committee.
  • Kenn McCall - Board Director, Chair Finance, Risk & Audit sub-committee, Member Corporate Governance sub-committee
  • Dr Patricia Harris - Board Director, Member of Partnership & Stakeholder Engagement sub-committee